The Hemingway – a bag for life… NOW BACK IN STOCK!


Life is full of twists and turns – you never know what’s around the corner. Good, bad, indifferent… The days, weeks, months and years throw up all manner of moments of happiness, hope, sunshine and sadness. We can be stuck in a rut or free-flying across the world with no care or thought about the past or the future, just dumbstruck in the thrilling moment.


Our point is that life is, hopefully, an ongoing narrative, a tale of the years from here to there, rendered in your memory like chapters in a book. If travel is part of your story, that book can be an expansive one, taking in the great cities of the world or small diamond-like towns that you stumble across after long hours on a night bus. If you prefer to stay closer to home, that’s ok too. Your narrative is one of local ebbs and flows, of journeys within a world you’re happy with.


Regardless, irrespective, therefore … that is what we’re about here. We believe life should be lived to your version of the fullest, and to facilitate that, or at least complement it, we have created an item we feel can accompany you on such journeys. And that is the Hemingway bag. At this point, that is what this site is aimed at.

We have designed this bag for anyone and everyone who yearns for something with a sense of timelessness, something that will last for years that they can carry with them on their journey. Not to be airy-fairy and New Age about it, but we feel this is the perfect bag with which to bum around the world with – or even around your local neighbourhood.


There are no corporate dollars behind this enterprise or website, just two Australian brothers who came up with an idea and thought it was worth sharing*. We have both travelled extensively around the world and the key thing we have always sought is an authentic experience. By that we mean looking for the “real thing” – be it in a bar, a person, a street or a landscape.


We have never sought to indulge in the pre-packaged, the homogenised, the easy way or the tourist trail. What we have always looked for is the sense of true experience, rather than an “experience” put on just as a show. It is such an idea that led us to create the Hemingway. We wanted a bag that somehow reflected that sensibility and gave a sense of that authenticity. So … have a look – and maybe buy a Hemingway.


The Hemingway Guarantee
I guarantee that I have tested every aspect of The Hemingway. Every part that is under stress has been reinforced, every feature has been thought through carefully and each bag closely inspected. I hope you love your Hemingway as much as I do. If not fully satisfied you may return for a full refund. All feedback is valued and welcome.Your new journey starts now.
Simon Gibson, ‘Hemingway’ designer


simon backbag

More specific details about the Hemingway can be found here

Or if you want to jump straight to the “purchase” page, please go here This is a safe/verified merchant site from which you can buy the bag. Cost is roughly $300 Australian dollars.

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