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Brothers Simon and Adam Gibson have spent the last few decades travelling, playing music, surfing, writing, teaching and generally trying to get to the essence of what it means to live an interesting life.

Growing up in Sydney at Bondi Beach they spent their early years surfing, listening to 70s rock music and dreaming about the wide world they were exposed to through the surf movies of the time. Life was simple and life was good.


If a defining moment, or shift, occurred in their perceptions of the world around them it can probably be traced to their exposure to the early albums of Midnight Oil, their devotion to all things Clash, and later, the ideas of “socialism of the heart” through the songs of Billy Bragg. The first reading of Kerouac’s “On the Road” then pretty much busted open the idea that anything in life is possible. Later that idea was somehow welded to the lyrical imagery of the Triffids and the storytelling of Weddings, Parties, Anything and it cemented in them the idea that the road less travelled, both metaphorically and literally, was the road for them.

Most of the 1990s were spent travelling and living in Europe with extensive travels throughout the coastal regions of Australia. The last decade has seen them spend the majority of their time in South East Asia. Being based in Vietnam has allowed numerous trips within the country and throughout the region including; Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

Over the course of these journeys the concept of the perfect travelling bag was born. A bag that was not only functional but also looked good. We came up with ” The Hemingway”. A bag that would not look out of place being carried by any of the great lovers of life of the 20th century, but is also made to the dimensions that allow it to be carry-on luggage on just about any airline in the world.

We have designed this bag for anyone and everyone who yearns for something with a sense of timelessness, something that will last for years that they can carry with them on their journey.

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