The Company

We are a small company which makes a bag for discerning people – The Hemingway. Inspired by great writers, great travellers, great people who lived and loved their lives out. From Ernest Hemingway to Jack Kerouac, from Neil Davis to Paddy Fermor, we believe in a life well-lived and a road even less travelled.


The crew, hanging out en Paris

Paddy Fermor

The legendary Patrick Leigh Fermor


Kerouac – just the name is suffice.


Leonard Cohen holding court



  1. nedwob says:

    I have already tried to leave a comment on your site, but the procedures are very difficult. Just to reiterate, my name is Tim Bowden and I am the author of One Crowded Hour – Neil Davis Combat Cameraman. You have published the cover picture of Neil on my book without permission, and I suggest you take it down immediately or I will consider legal action.

    Tim Bowden

    • afgibson says:

      Major apologies Tim, we did not mean to cause offence. We are very sorry, and did not see a previous comment. We massively respect your work and your book and apologise for use of that image. We assumed the image was in the public domain and was thus okay to use, but we have now removed it and hope you’re okay with that. Very sorry. Cheers.

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