The Hemingway Guarantee

“I guarantee that I have tested every aspect of The Hemingway. Every part that is under stress has been reinforced, every feature has been thought through carefully and each bag closely inspected. I hope you love your Hemingway as much as I do. If not fully satisfied you may return for a full refund. All feedback is valued and welcome. Your new journey starts now.” 

-Simon Gibson


We ship all over the world for a flat rate of $40US. All our shopping is now done through our Etsy shop here.


All Hemingways are 100% highest grade leather. We do not treat the leather with anything more than what is done at the tannery. Although leather is naturally waterproof to a certain extent, it is not 100% waterproof.

If you wish to further waterproof it there are many products available on the market for this, but we highly recommend testing a small area first. In our experience, the main top flap of the Hemingway provides very good protection to the whole bag if caught in a downpour.


Will the Hemingway be allowed to be carried onboard as carry-on luggage?

Yes, the Hemingway is designed to be within the size limits of almost every airline in the world. The shallow depth of the Hemingway allows it to fit in the overhead compartment of even small domestic airlines. Of course weight limits still apply but having been used for normal travel all over Australia, SE Asia and Europe, the Hemingway has never been rejected from a flight.

Where is the Hemingway made?

It is made in a small, family run home-workshop in central Vietnam. Simon and Adam designed the Hemingway and had the first prototypes made whilst living in Vietnam and decided to keep all production coming from the original workshop.

Are working conditions safe, clean and fair?

Simon has personally visited the workshop on many occasions. All workers are extended family members and all are treated very well. The workshop is clean, safe and comfortable. The family are extremely happy with producing the Hemingway and are enthusiastic about being a part of something new and original.

Is the Hemingway handmade?

Yes. Each Hemingway is completely cut and assembled by hand. The only machines used are to sew the bags together and these are done one-at-a-time on a single sewing machine.

Does the Hemingway come in different colours and/or sizes?

No. We feel the dimensions of the Hemingway are now perfect. There may be a slight difference in the colour from batch to batch but essentially the Hemingway will always be a mid/dark brown leather.


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