Khe Sanh

Khe Sanh on CD…$10 (Hcmc)Big Day Out Ticket….$60

Hearing Jimmy Barnes sing Khe Sanh in Vietnam…..Priceless!

Left my heart………

I remember attending the first Big Day Out in Sydney when Nirvana played. It still rates as one of the best days of my life. I could never have imagined all those years ago that I would be attending a festival of the same name in Vietnam in 2009.

…..and their minds were always closed….

With Jimmy Barnes as the headlining act it was certainly enough to stir the emotions of the teenage “Aus Rock” fan that still lives deep inside me. I still can’t quite believe it actually happened.

All my years spent in the alternative music scene in Australia never dimmed my love of what was then considered a musical dinosaur by the music/fashion elite, the mighty Cold Chisel.

….and the telex writers rattled…….

What dawned on me in the hazy heat of a Saigon evening was just how well those songs stand up now, so many years after they were written. And also, what a genuinely unifying effect they had on the crowd I’m pretty certain the music of Cut/Copy or the Presets will struggle to have the same effect on a bunch of expats 20 years from now.

…and I’m drifting north………

Tickets were $60 for all you could eat and drink (and eat and drink I definitely did), which is expensive by Vietnamese standards but it definitely turned out to be worth it. …only seven flying hours…… The fact that my friend had her bag stolen on her way to buy the tickets the day before meant I actually ended up paying double, …’s really got me worried…… but after sweating and shouting my way through the Saigon twilight, only metres from the stage, to Cheap wine, Choir girl, You got nothing I want, Astrid, the Rising sun, Working class man, the magnificent Flametrees and of course the absolute greatness of hearing Khe Sanh played live in Vietnam, I realised I would have quite happily paid 10 times more. ……ALMOST GONE!!!!

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