As music has always been a massive part of our lives we decided to add a page that links to some of the most recent music we have produced, both separately and together.

Adam’s main project is Adam Gibson and The Ark Ark Birds. Simon’s is The Coolites. There are also two instrumental albums under the name SaiGon 67 that Simon wrote and recorded during years of living/travelling in SE Asia. All music independently produced, released and financed. Many of the tunes are available for free download with a small cost for the latest albums. So click on the links, have a listen and download if the music grabs you.

Cities of Spinifex – Adam Gibson and the Ark Ark Birds

Bandcamp link coming very soon.

Caravan Park Summers – The Coolites

Remember those holidays by the beach, when your parents gave you 20 bucks each and you disappeared for days on end down by the breakwall or up at the pinny parlour with other kids who had been drawn together under that caravan park sun? That’s the feeling behind the new album; that sense of Australian heat, innocence and raw possibility …
Salt water, heat, Bondi, travel, beers, adventure, surf, falling in love in strange cities. For the the Coolites their lives are in the songs and vice versa.

All Bets Are Off – The Coolites

Too many people are living in the ghost towns of a life gone wrong. Sometimes in life you’ve just got to dive-in head-first and damn the consequences. When things feel like they’re falling apart then all bets are off! The circumstances have changed, so burn your bridges, take a leap of faith and change direction, say what you think, be authentic, be honest, follow your instincts and trust your gut.

This EP is dedicated to our mate Sam De Brito.

Australia Restless – Adam Gibson and the Ark Ark Birds

Having forged a unique path with his spoken/sung tales of Australian life and landscape over two acclaimed albums with The Aerial Maps (plus earlier outfit Modern Giant), Adam Gibson and his band The Ark-Ark Birds are pleased to announce the release of the new album ‘Australia Restless’.
The album sees Adam chasing a true sense of Australia, trying to get under the country’s skin and tell a version of its story. These are stories about of loves, lives and houses lost … of coastal nights and desert days, obscure towns linked by empty roads and the static of AM radio crackling through damaged car speakers.
“There’s a restlessness in the heart of many Australians; a need to move, to shift, to see different scenes, new horizons, better places,” says Adam. “Lured by the road or simply influenced by the great weight of our land, we strike out for sunlit fields, small town pubs, empty beaches, the black miles of bitumen. It’s an urge to feel the land, to know it. It’s a psychological yearning: I call it ‘Australia Restless’ … and I have it bad.”

Night Flight from Nha Trang

An idea, a thought, a feeling, a sound … SaiGon67 … something you can’t place but feel that you can … something that exists in a time you never knew, but one which you’ve always known.

Just out of reach, something caught in the grain of the camera’s photograph, the snatched sound of something half-remembered, the echo of a place you swear you saw, but can’t remember when…

Mainly instrumental album by Simon Gibson.

An Age Without a Name

I did not know them and they did not know me. But our paths did cross and I shook their hands.

And then the man said to me, “How long have you been on the road for?”
I looked at him and then across to she who stood beside him, both laden with bags which spoke of their travels, and I saw in their eyes that one thing I always looked for.
It was not something that can be attained by mere desire. Or want. It lay deeper than that. It was not something that you can seek and later acquire in a direct line. It was more elusive than that.
“Many years,” I replied, and shifted my gaze slowly from one to the other.
“Yes,” the woman replied, “Yes, we can see that in your eyes …”


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