the stick bag

“For most of my life I’ve been a drummer. I’ve played many shows in many bands over many years. I love anything and everything to do with drums, especially vintage drums. Unfortunately I have only very basic woodworking skills so drum building is out. Instead I decided to design my very own stick bag with all the things I’ve wanted in a bag.

Much like The Hemingway, The Gibbo stick bag was originally designed just for me but after using it for a while it seemed too good not to share with my drumming brothers and sisters.” 

-Simon Gibson


  100% Leather, 100% Hand-Cut, 100% Hand-Stitched





Key Features:

  • 100% high quality leather
  • Completely handmade
  • No external metal parts means no scratches or rattles when hanging on the floor tom
  • External custom-shaped pocket for your drum-key
  • Internal pockets for your phone and wallet for when you sit down to play the show
  • Protective flap that stops sticks falling out when closed and that acts as a cushioning layer between the bag and your precious floor tom when playing
  • Two-tone leather gives a unique and very cool old-school look


Our move to Etsy is under construction. For now to purchase “The Gibbo”, please send us an inquiry at 


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