The Coolites


Digital download and limited edition CD available here:

This is a completely independent and self-financed project. No record labels were harmed in the making of this record, ‘Caravan Park Summers’, and all proceeds from its sale go to a great charitable cause – that being The Coolites ourselves, thus facilitating further recording etc.

By buying it you are helping with the great tradition of supporting independent music and thus you should feel very very good about yourself! So … read on and have a listen- you know that you really want to now.

Ok, so the album … ahh, remember those holidays by the beach, when your parents gave you 20 bucks each and you disappeared for days on end down by the breakwall or up at the pinny parlour with other kids who had been drawn together under that caravan park sun?

That’s the feeling behind the new album; that sense of Australian heat, innocence and raw possibility …

Salt water, heat, Bondi, travel, beers, adventure, surf, falling in love in strange cities. For the the Coolites their lives are in the songs and vice versa. All original music by Simon Gibson written in various hotels, apartments and beach shacks around South East Asia and then recorded back in Sydney with a stellar line-up his musical comrades over many years.

Special mention goes to Mark “Nana” Hyland who first got Simon out from behind the drum kit and taught him guitar all those years ago.



The Coolites line-up consists of:

Peter Colquhoun: Vocals

Stewart Cahn: Guitar

Mark Hyland: Guitar, Vocals

Danny Yau: Bass, B Vocals

Matt Galvin: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Tim Byron: Keyboards, B Vocals

Simon Gibson: Drums, Acoustic Guitar

Jade Tran: B Vocals 

For current information on The Coolites please refer to Facebook page. More details coming soon.

The debut album from the Coolites is called “Caravan Park Summers” and is out now. It is available in CD form or as a digital download from Bandcamp.

It’s a simple process and all will be well with the world if you dive in. The address there is







Have a listen and if you want to buy the album, go to the Bandcamp page. It’s nice and easy.


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