Hemingway Owners

The Hemingway has found a home in various parts of the world, with various people. The overall verdict is one of love and appreciation … and we’d expect nothing less. From Sweden to Sri Lanka, Melbourne to Taiwan, the Hemingway is busily impressing everyone from baggage handlers to baristas, photographers to schoolteachers, record label owners to legendary recording artists (eg. Kristen Hersh).

In short, it’s the bag for all seasons and those with an adventurous bent to get out there and see the world. Here are a selection of pics sent in by happy owners from around the traps. If you own one, please send us your pics too and they will be added to this page.


Photographer Mark Hopper out in the wild, Colombo airport, 2014.


Musician Tom Van Heesch revisiting his modelling days. Stockholm, Sweden.

10358736_10152238695717108_2058875472574317178_n (1)

Adam Yee & legendary singer Kristen Hersh taking skewed pop music to the world. Sydney, Australia.


Creator Simon Gibson trying the very first Hemingway in Hoi An, Vietnam, 2013.


Co-creator Adam Gibson testing the first bag, Kenting, Taiwan. 2013.

10156173_10152177624662945_1785436290010803185_n (1)

Record label owner Scott Thurling on the never-ending hunt for new power-pop bands. Melbourne, Australia.



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